Supermac apresenta : Eazy-E Featuring tha West ... Still On This Gangsta Shit

02.Boyz N Tha Hood
03.Eazy's Back Again
04.Hit The Hooker
05.Just Dippin'
06.This Nigga Be Alive
07.Luv 4 Dem G'z
08.Hands On My Glock
09.This Is Los Angeles
10.Still On This Gangsta Shit
11.Young Thugs
12.Look Into My Eyes
13.My Block
14.24 Hourz To Live
16.DPG Killaz
17.Ole School Shit 08
18.Made This Way
19.Shoot' Em Up
20.Another Day In The Life of Eazy-E
21.Just Tah Let You Know
22.California Clow 'Till Sundown
23.Pussy Tonight